NiTi Material
        NiTi Orthodontic Wire         & Spring
      Super Elastic Nitinol        Arch Wire 
       Thermally Activated        Nitiol Arch Wire
       Nitionol Reverse Curve
       NiTi Open / Close Coil Spring
        SMART-TMATM        Orthodontic Wire
     PRODUCT/ Material
We manufacture NiTi wire, bar, strip, customized component (including semi-finished guide wire) for your application

Dental product, Stent weaving, Guide wire, Endoscope etc
Electrical connector, Electrical component, Antenna etc
Car industry etc

  We can provide NiTi material with varied conditions

: --Af temperature from 0 to 100 .
--Surface can be : Black oxide, light oxide, oxide free, acid etched, polished

Size range

--Wire(Bar): From diameter 0.05mm to 12mm
-- Sheet(Strip): Thickness 0.10mm
Customized NiTi tapered wire, spring, component are available.

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