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•  PRODUCT/ (A1)Super Elastic Nitinol Arch Wire

Super Elastic NiTi Arch Wire(Round & Rectangular)
Our Super-Elastic NiTi Arch Wire is with extra smooth finish which reduce friction and make the patient more comfortable. And as a ideal orthodontic material, the NiTi Arch Wire provide higher elasticity with lower rigidity, so it shows excellent effect in treating with its gentle & consistent recovery force and bring a much shorter therapeutic period.
•  PRODUCT / (A2)Thermally Activated Nitinol Arch Wire / Introduction

Thermally Activated NiTi Arch Wire
Thermally Activated NiTi Arch Wire is easy to bend at room temperature, and it return to its original shape gently at body temperature. Using a wire chilling process to help the dentist deform the wire easily before engage it to the bracket, and then the wire will provide remarkable activation force when heated up by body temperature.
•  PRODUCT/ (A3)Nitionol Reverse Curve / Introduction

NiTi Reverse Curve (RCS)
NiTi Reverse Curve mainly applied for correcting grievous malocclusion, it provides a consistent gentle force with minimum affliction.
•  PRODUCT / NiTi Open / Close Coil Spring / Introduction
NiTi Springs
Super resilient
Extremely durable

Closed coil springs deliver ideal forces for Class intra-arch maxillary retraction as well as other space closure and maintenance applications.
Open coil springs open and maintain space gently and efficiently in a convenient cut to length design.
•  PRODUCT/ (B)SMART-TMATM Orthodontic Wire / Introduction
Smart-TMATM Wire

-Nickel Free, so no Nickel allergy.
-Tremendous time efficiency and therapeutic effect.
- Providing stronger force than NiTi wire but more elastic than SS wire
-Can be shaped by orthodontists to meet their various requirements.

  NiTi Orthodontic Wire
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